Craneman Oy

Craneman Oy is an independent expert, inspection, consultant and training company specialising in working with new and used cranes, including installation, condition analyzing, planning, modernisation, refurbishment and training of staff working on the equipment.

The company's philosophy is to find the best and most cost effective solution for customers operating in ports, power-, process plants and other area of industry.

"Our work begins with detailed measuring, inspection and analysis of a basic crane design and condition," said Seppo Nyrönen, Craneman's Managing Director. "We also assist customers with planning and technical issues and we find suitable candidates to work with us on special projects where we undertake supervision, management and quality control."

Recent project assignments have included working on second-hand crane dismantling and reinstallations for different ports - including Port of Kokkola - along with planning and managing crane repairs and installation of new models.

"We are completely independent and do not work under any manufacturer's trademark control. This is what makes us different and, in our opinion, more flexible than our competitors," said Mr. Nyrönen. "We look at everything surrounding the installation or repairing of new and used cranes as objectively as possible, taking care that everything is undertaken as required by manufacturers including working to high standards, following rules and safety directives.